Leading for Impact for Supervisors/Managers by Schulich School of Business - Mar 23 - 26, 2020 - Ottawa

Leading for Impact for Supervisors/Managers by Schulich School of Business


The “Leading for Impact” leadership development courses is designed to help CAS leaders at all levels develop the competencies outlined in the OACAS Leadership Competency Framework.

In order to effectively map to the Leadership Competency Framework the Leading for Impact program is organized into four broad topic areas or content themes. The four topic areas are structured into role appropriate learning activities for each of the leadership levels in the Competency Framework. The four topics are:

  1. Vision and strategy
  2. Service and operational excellence
  3. People, culture and engagement
  4. Personal effectiveness


Supervisors are any staff member performing supervisory duties with direct reports. Leadership is both personal and organizational. Program objectives target the supervisor’s role in aligning with and communicating vision an strategy, supervising their team using modern people management strategies and improving their self-awareness and personal effectiveness.


Managers are any staff member managing multiple supervisors or specialized units. As managers of supervisors, Managers are a linchpin between senior leaders in terms of implementing vison and guiding daily work through supervisors. Program objectives target the unique role managers have in both creating and implementing strategy and maintaining equitable systems for daily excellence. People management is critical for achieving those goals and personal development in the middle of the organization requires growing self-awareness and personal effectiveness. 



Total Duration

4 days

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$1,100.00 CAD